Exploration & Production

In the exploration and production of natural gas, the VNG Group focuses on Norway and neighbouring regions through VNG Norge AS and VNG Danmark ApS. Through our E&P division we aspire to expand our natural gas procurement operations with a further source that is both reliable and geographically easy to access.

  • Expanding our own exploration activities
  • Participating in field development projects as lead operators and joint venture partners 
  • Aiming to make the VNG Group largely immune to market fluctuations, thereby improving the security of supply
  • VNG Norge was honoured with the Gullkronen Award as “Explorer of the Year” on 4 February 2015 in Oslo.
shares in production fields (Hyme, Draugen, Njord, Brage, Ivar Aasen).
lead operator roles which enable us to largely determine the focus of exploration programs.
Production licences
shares in production licences on the Norwegian continental shelf (32) and in the Danish North Sea (2).

VNG Norge

VNG Norge AS and its subsidiary VNG Danmark ApS are responsible for the Group's own production of oil and gas. They operate a number of licences and field holdings on the Norwegian continental shelf and in the Danish North Sea.

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Licences at a glance
VNG Norge Lizenzübersicht
View a list of our operating licences in Norway and Denmark.
VNG Norge Exploration
We are advancing our exploration activities with growing experience and expertise.
VNG Norge Produktion
Learn more about our holdings in the Brage, Njord, Hyme and Draugen fields.