Gas Transport

As an independent transmission system operator,  ONTRAS Gastransport makes a technical and logistical contribution to the smooth working of the European gas market, supporting the future and sustained role of natural gas in energy supplies, including as a partner of renewable energies.

  • A safe, modern pipeline system over 7,000 kilometres in length
  • Optimised transport operations in line with regulatory requirements
  • Innovative and customer-friendly services
  • A dependable partner for shippers, traders, regional system operators and producers
Transport Network
7,000 km
of supremely reliable transmission system ensure gas supplies.
connection points make the ONTRAS system accessible to customers in all directions.
downstream system operators work closely with ONTRAS to ensure smooth gas transportation.

ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH

ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH based in Leipzig is a supraregional gas transmission system operator within the European gas transportation system. ONTRAS operates Germany's second-largest gas transmission network with over 7,000 kilometres of pipeline and approximately 450 interconnections to ensure reliable gas transportation. The company works as a reliable partner bringing together the interests of shippers, traders, regional system operators and producers of renewable gases.

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System marketing
ONTRAS Netzvermarktung
Marketing of transportation capacities at approx. 450 connection points in compliance with the regulatory framework.
ONTRAS Dienstleistungen
A flexible, demand-oriented service portfolio for system operation that is both safe and efficient.
Transmission system
ONTRAS Fernleitungsnetz
Find out more about Germany's second-largest gas transmission system with over 7,000 km of pipeline.