Mastering the Future

Bound by a uniform mission and the four core values of cooperation, openness, responsibility and entrepreneurship included therein, the VNG Group stands on a solid footing. Our vision is to be the preferred partner for natural gas in Europe. This is what the committed employees of the VNG Group work for every day with their skills and experience, energy and creativity.


Natural gas, efficiency and the energy revolution are the essential factors that will drive our passion for natural gas going forward into the future. Why? Natural gas is the most climate-friendly conventional fuel and will be in plentiful supply for decades to come. There is an excellent infrastructure for natural gas in Europe. Since it appeared on the market more than four decades ago natural gas has established itself as a safe, convenient and value-for-money source of energy in all areas where it is used. We plan to continue this success story.

With research and development ranging from transport and storage to use in power and heat generation, we aim to further tap the potential offered by this source of energy and thus increase the appeal of natural gas even more.

We welcome new ideas and see natural gas as an ideal complement to renewable sources of energy. As a product capable of great flexibility, natural gas is already offering our customers and users a wide variety of options, from natural gas mobility through the fuel cell to our smart, distributed energy systems.