Responsibility and Commitment

Our broad-based activities in the area of natural gas, an environmentally friendly and highly versatile source of energy, provide the perfect basis for developing sustainable concepts, products and services.

(Anja Klinnert (bottom right), 2015 ambassador for the ‘Verbundnetz der Wärme’ (integrated warmth network) – is actively involved in the Perspektivenwerkstatt 2013 e.V. foundation to help socially deprived children and youngsters from various countries in Berlin.)

We at the VNG Group are just as strong as our product natural gas. With research and development ranging from transport and storage to use in power and heat generation, we aim to tap the entire potential offered by this source of energy and thus increase the appeal of natural gas even more.

The success of the VNG Group is directly linked to the expertise and commitment of its employees. By offering training programmes, a work−life balance and opportunities for apprenticeships, we are therefore making worthwhile investments in the future in a challenging work environment.

The energy sector is under considerable pressure to change, making personal flexibility in all areas of our business more necessary than ever. For as a team, it is our job to shape change, to adapt structures and processes and to de vel op new business ideas, so that the VNG Group can remain on the market and continue to meet the needs of its customers in the long term. Our strategic partner VNG Innovation GmbH has been promoting the winning ideas of start-up companies in the energy sector since 2015.

However, social responsibility means much more to us than successfully asserting ourselves in the energy sector. Which is why we also promote a strong civil society and in particular the voluntary sector. With our social commitment, we lend our support in a number of different ways to projects in the fields of art and culture, education and science as well as sport.

Initiativen VNG-Gruppe

Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn more about our initiatives, the VNG Foundation as well as social projectse.

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