Well positioned for Natural Gas

The VNG Group is active throughout the entire supply chain of the German and European natural gas industry, focusing on the four core business areas of Exploration & Production, Gas Trading & Service, Gas Transport and Gas Storage. This strategic positioning enables us to diversify risks and tap various growth opportunities in a dynamic market environment.


Our commitent in the area of Exploration & Production is part of our growth strategy. This commitment helps diversify the procurement sources and thus strengthen the independence of the VNG Group.

As a natural gas wholesaler, we provide our customers with cost-effective and customised supply solutions. In doing so, reliability serves as a key quality indicator. A wide range of natural gas procurement sources is hereby essential. In terms of distribution, the gradual expansion of our end customer business and close cooperation with the wholesale sector has enabled us to tap into and exploit synergies. Beyond our core market in Germany, we are constantly expanding our activities in the area of natural gas and trade-related services in neighbouring European countries.

The transport network of the independent transmission system operator ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH is key to ensuring the stability and economic success of the entire VNG Group. It also forms the basis for the sustainable role of natural gas in Germany’s energy supply. Thanks to the efficient underground gas storage facilities of VNG Gasspeicher GmbH, we have decades of experience in the storage business and a great deal of expertise in operating and maintaining storage facilities, not to mention marketing innovative storage products.

Our broad-based activities in the area of natural gas, an environmentally friendly and highly versatile source of energy, provide the perfect basis for developing sustainable concepts, products and services.

For us, forward-thinking, sustainable action and social commitment are a given.