Press Release

Bilanz 2017
1. March 2018 | VNG - Verbundnetz Gas AG
Net profit of €71 million exceeds previous year’s figure – earnings power further improved – future-oriented Group strategy “VNG 2030+” being implemented – 2017 and 2018 characterized by major projects
18. January 2018 | VNG Norge AS
As part of VNG Group’s strategic programme “VNG 2030+”, VNG – Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft (VNG AG) will explore strategic options for its oil and gas exploration and production business in Norway and Denmark, VNG Norge AS (“VNG Norge”). As VNG AG sees long term value creation potential in the E&P-business, the main objectives are to maximise the value of VNG Norge and to support further growth to position the shareholding as a leading player on the Norwegian Continental Shelf together with a strategic partner.