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VNG ‒ Verbundnetz Gas AG
Herrn Karsten Wendler
Braunstraße 7
04347 Leipzig

Exploration & Production
In the exploration and production of natural gas, the VNG Group focuses on Norway and neighbouring regions through VNG Norge AS and VNG Danmark ApS.
Gas Trading & Service
As an established natural gas wholesaler and energy service provider, the VNG Group supplies all its customers – from key accounts and industry to households – through VNG AG and its trading companies.
Gas Transport
As an independent transmission system operator within the VNG Group, ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH operates Germany's second-largest gas transmission system with a length of 7,000 km.
Gas Storage
The VNG Group has decades of experience in the field of underground gas storage. VNG Gasspeicher GmbH is responsible for our storage operations.